The Bard’s Birthday Bash

Celebrating Shakespeare 450th birthday was a wonderful way to highlight the upcoming Academy production of the Taming of the Shrew, one of our major 30th Anniversary Year events. This extraordinary and innovative production draws together all the Schools at the Academy and truly fulfils the Academy’s vision of creating a cross disciplinary creative learning space in a city that is renowned as a unique point of intersection between Eastern and Western cultural practice. I am sure everyone will be intrigued to see how we weave a play within a play showcasing the extraordinary Cantonese operatic tradition.

Our Chair of Drama, Professor Ceri Sherlock, drew attention to Shakespeare’s work as a creative, collaborative innovator who was worldly wise and understood the demands of the industry. Shakespeare had that special ability to be able to deliver what the audience wanted while at the same time creating works of art that challenged the entrenched and pushed the boundaries of traditions – one thinks of Bach and Mozart in the same vein!

For me Shakespeare was first and foremost a consummate storyteller, something all of us in the performing arts aspire to be, whatever our medium of expression.

Join us on the 9th and the 10th of May for this special event but get in quick as without doubt it will be a sell-out performance.


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