Thanks for the memories…

The Director sent round a congratulatory email this morning, thanking all those who worked so hard to make the launch of the 30th anniversary celebrations such a success.

There are plenty of people who deserve a mention for their efforts, so many of whom are graduates of the Academy.  These include our lovely MCs, Corinna Chamberlain and Peter Fan, who did a great job of keeping the ceremony on track.  From the TEA School, three faculty members and former students contributed their skills:  Ricky Chan designed the invitation card that I featured in an earlier post; Bacchus Lee did the backdrop and also the design for the canvas bag pictured below; Psyche Chui was the lighting designer, although she would like me to make it clear that she was in a supervisory role for one of her students, Ivan Chan, who did a great job.

Alumni Association Chairman and Fellow of the Academy, Anthony Wong, took to the stage briefly to entertain the crowd with reminiscences of his student days.

The Production Manager for the launch ceremony, Rufina Fung, is a graduate of the AESM Department, while the Samba group featured music grad. Angus Fu, founder member of the percussion group, Four Gig Heads, returning to play with some of his fellow students from both the Chinese and Western percussion streams. Mandy Petty, the Creative Director of the ceremony, while not a graduate, has been involved with the Academy from the very beginning.

Then during the reception party afterwards, the Academy Jazz Band, led by Tim Wilson, who has taught at the Academy almost since its inception, entertained us.  Corinna joined them for two numbers, one of which showed off her impressive command of Chinese and both of which displayed her gorgeous voice.  Later on, we heard the equally lovely, smoky singing of composition student, Iris Liu.

Last, but certainly not least, I should mention how hard the other two members of the Thirtieth Anniversary Secretariat worked to make this event a success.  Leonard Wong and Alvina Lai, together with Rufina, make up the trio who will continue to co-ordinate the special anniversary programmes throughout the year. If last week’s launch is anything to go by, they’ll do a splendid job.



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