30th Anniversary musical – New Kids on the Block – Band!

I’ve yet to tell you that we will have live music for our 30th Anniversary musical, New Kids on the Block.  Can you believe musicians as young as these can support a musical live after two and a half weeks’ training? All is possible under the direction and guidance of our Band Leader, Amuer!  Amuer says after this, he needs a 10-year break!!! 🙂  Performances are on from 31 July – 3 August at Drama Theatre.  Tickets are available at Hong Kong Ticketing.  Please buy tickets and support us.

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Music student Tin-Wai Lai in Rome Chamber Music Festival


I am Tin-Wai Lai from Hong Kong, currently a second year student in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in Viola. This June, it was my great honour to be sponsored by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels to participate in the prestigious Rome Chamber Music Festival, where students had the opportunities to rehearse and perform together with famous coaches from all around the world in the Palace Barberini.

In this festival, I played the Dvorak Sextet along with three other students coached by Ms. Rebecca Albers and Ms. Julie Albers. Since we only had less than a week’s time to prepare the whole piece, we worked very hard every day to play the best out of ourselves. I learnt a lot in every rehearsal, not only the knowledge of music, but also how to communicate with different people, as well as how to come up with an idea that everyone would agree.

In addition, I was chosen to play in the master class conducted by the three viola teachers in this festival, namely Ms. Hsin-Yun Huang who is a teacher from the renowned Curtis Institute of Music, as well as Ms. Rebecca Albers and Mr. Luca Sanzo. I had a chance to play in front of them and other students. They all gave me many valuable comments, which helped me to improve myself even better. It’s really a very rare chance for me to get to know different styles of interpreting a piece.

The performance was really a huge success, and I enjoyed it very much. This was truly a fascinating and unforgettable experience, because I had the chance to work with international students from Italy, Brazil, Poland and America, and we exchanged our views about music and different cultures.

Lastly, I would like to give huge thanks to the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Brussels which helped me a lot in arranging everything, made my trip an extremely smooth and enjoyable one and most importantly, marked a difference in my journey to professional musicianship.

Tin-Wai Lai

30th Anniversary musical – New Kids on the Block – Director’s visit

We were all so excited when the Director of the Academy, Prof Adrian Walter came and watched our first run-through.  After training and rehearsing for 5 days, our talented students couldn’t wait to show Prof Walter what they have achieved so far.  They shared with the Prof why they love engaging in our summer musical so much, and made him promise to come and see them at the performance.

Performance starts on 31 July to 3 August.  Tickets are for sales at Hong Kong Ticketing www.hkticketing.com or 31 288 288.  Packaged discount tickets are also available.  Come support our musical production in celebration of the Academy’s 30th anniversary.1 2 3 4

Alice van Kapel

Producer, 2014 SMS – New Kids on the Block



30th Anniversary SMS – Day Three

166 STUDENT-STRONG New Kids on the Block!  It is pretty amazing that after three days’ training, they have already nailed seven major songs, including Let it Go from Frozen, I Want You to be My Baby, and Seven Lonely Days.  Students are also going totally “footloose” with all dance items, and the first run-through is scheduled for this Friday!  Yes! Five days’ training and rehearsals and  there will be a run-through!!!  After all, the entire training only takes two and a half weeks!  Keep it up, peeps!  We’re gonna rock the Drama Theatre!!!

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Alice van Kapel

Producer, 2014 SMS – New Kids on the Block