Bibliotheca Do Corpo 2014 in Vienna

The 27th August was our last day in Vienna, and it is time to share the things that we have experienced there . For us, this project is not just about dancing, it’s also about exchanging ideas in terms of culture and living style. In this group, there are 29 dancers from over 8 nationalities, each individual person brought something special and different into the project. We learn from each other and dance like crazy together. 4 week intensive dance training plus 1 week preparation for the final performance and 2 week performances. It has been crazy and overwhelming, yet in a way we went beyond what we had expected about ourselves as dancers and artists .


What’s our daily schedule

Normally we start classes at 9:30 am every morning, but we need to bike 30 mins from our hostel to where we have classes, it is not a easy ride but it is the best warm up we can ever ask for.

The first two weeks, in the morning section, we have Francesca Harper who was the soloist of William Forsyth dance company to teach contemporary ballet and improvisation. She is always passionate in class and generous to share her dancing experiences in which we learnt to be ourselves and not to be afraid to fail and to make mistakes during the training.

And in the afternoon section, we have Ismael Ivo who is the director of the project to give workshops.


Second two weeks, we joined the ImplusTanz dance workshops, such as Akram Khan Repertory Workshop by Jose Aguto, who is the rehearsal director of Akram Khan Company. Release Technique by Martha from Rosas Dance Company, Partnering by Iñaki Azpillaga from Ultima Vez Dance Comaony, Contemporary Dance Technique Kenjin from Piña Bausch Dance Theater and rehearsal with Ismael Ivo after classes. We can choose 4 workshops that we are interested in and take classes with other ImpulsTanz festival participants. All teachers have many experience and danced in many well-known dance companies, all have lots of passion in dance. We kept receiving new information about the way they see dance.

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In the forth week, we mainly focused on our performance. We had warm up class from 9:30am and rehearsals until 8pm. We were keep pushing our work, practiced our parts everyday.

The last week in Vienna was our performance week, we had stage rehearsal until 12am on Monday, rehearsal and dress rehearsal at night on Tuesday, three performances at the end. After the Vienna performances, all 29 dancers traveled to Brazil São Paulo, rehearsal and performed two performances there for one week.


What we have benefited from the project

In this project, we worked with Isamel Ivo, an well-known and experienced choreographer, who sees our potential and wanted to dig out the best out of us. He always keeps pushing us like crazy and always reminds us to get out of our comfort zone. He also talked a lot about how we can grow as young artists and how dance is not just about moving but the motivations behind that . He always questions us why we move and what moves us. He is a crazy choreographer, full of energy and passion in every single rehearsal. He coaches us one by one and puts our personality into our dance in which way we explored the different side of us that we never know we have and every single person grew a lot in the end.

Moreover, we learn by seeing how other participants move, different nationalities different personalities. We exchanged ideas and enjoyed the crazy process together. All of us are full of passion for dance. We all became good friends after 7 weeks. Through this project, we found that we should believe in what we do and don’t give up, maybe Ismael Ivo’s words could be our conclusion for this project : keep calm and carry on, just go!




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