Academy Junior Music Programme Homecoming Concert

Date: 21 Sep, 2014 (Sun) at 3:00pm

Venue: HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre

Free admission: Tickets are available at the Academy Box Office at 2pm on the day. First come, first served.


HAP HomecomingConcert (2)

The concert marks the auspicious occasion of the APA’s 30th Anniversary. I am most delighted to be able to share the joy with all of you amongst the audience.

For the past three decades, the APA Junior Music Programme has been offering excellent education as well as cultivation to talented young music students, who over the years have become elite musicians who have made tremendous contribution to the music industry of Hong Kong.

As one of the alumni it is extremely gratifying to see, and perform again with fellow students from thirty years ago, some departed for various other professions, countries, or both, in this homecoming concert.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude on behalf of all performers to the Junior Music Programme which has been most gracious in organizing this concert. May I also reiterate my most heartfelt thanks for your attendance, and for your continuous support to the APA.


Yim Wan

Academy Alumni Association Executive Committee and Junior Homecoming Concert Co-ordinator


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