30th Anniversary SMS ~ Day One

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Academy, EXCEL’s SMS (Summer Musical School) is presenting a jukebox musical, New Kids on the Block.

135 students selected through auditions as performers, 15 student musicians and 16 backstage students all gathered together in Dance Studio 1 today to start Day One of their journey.

2014 SMS   3 boy    SMS student

In two and a half weeks’ time, their performance will be staged, with live music, at the Academy’s Drama Theatre.  Tickets sales will be open to the public.

Teachers in the programme are passionate and dedicated performing arts practitioners.

5 tutors     6 tutors   SMS tutor

More exciting news on this celebratory event will follow.  Stay tuned!  Do visit us on  www.facebook.com/hkapa.excel.  For information of EXCEL summer programme, see http://excel.hkapa.edu

Alice van Kapel

Producer, 2104 Summer Musical School, New Kids on the Block

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