About Academy 30th Anniversary

As we commence 2015 I now have the pleasure of reflecting on wonderful 30th Anniversary Year in 2014.  The achievements of our Schools of Music, Dance, Chinese Opera, Film and Television, Drama, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts and EXCEL were all showcased during the celebrations.

We finished the year just before Christmas with a series of Alumni concerts – I can’t imagine a better way to close the year than by celebrating the success of our alumni. The concerts showcased three decades of outstanding Western classical music and Chinese music performers – some 140 Alumni travelling from far and wide to be with us.

These concerts were preceded by what for me was a major highlight of the year, our Symposium Asian Transformation: New Perspectives on Creativity and Performing Arts Education. This Symposium brilliantly showcased the unique attributes of the Academy and performing arts practice in Hong Kong. It also gave us the opportunity to engage with leading practitioners from the Mainland, the region and around the globe. It was very rewarding and uplifting to see the Academy so effectively engaging in a global community of practice.

Other key Anniversary year events affirmed the Academy’s commitment to cross disciplinary collaboration and capitalising on Hong Kong as a unique point of intersection between Eastern and Western cultural practice.

The cross Academy production of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, with the play within the play set as a Cantonese opera, drew significant attention and generated some important discussion and debate as to the future development of Cantonese opera in Hong Kong. It was rewarding to see the Academy facilitating such a discussion and positioning itself at the centre of innovative new developments in the performing arts.

The title of the School of Dance’s major Anniversary year production said a lot about the Academy’s ethos and vision for the future – Crossing Bordersblurring boundaries.

Robyn Archer’s wonderful comment at the Symposium ‘the performing arts are a safe place to have a dangerous conversation’ resonated with many of the participants and audience members and highlighted the seminal role that the performing arts play in our lives and our communities.

The Academy is central to this role in Hong Kong and the 30th Anniversary gave us all a special opportunity to reflect on our three decade journey and where we have arrived today, and where our new Strategic Plan will take us in the next ten years   It also gave us an opportunity to celebrate the illustrious staff, students and alumni who have contributed so much to the Academy over the last three decades, helping to make it the significant institution it is today as it continues to transform and enrich the cultural life of Hong Kong.

Thank you to all donors, corporate sponsors and the general public who supported us with such passion during this special 30th Anniversary Year and helped us celebrate this memorable event.


Professor Adrian Walter AM

Director of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


Academy Alumni Homecoming Concerts

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20 December 2014  (Sat) 20:00

21 December 2014  (Sun) 15:00

22 December 2014  (Mon) 20:00

Venue : HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre

Admission is free, with tickets being available at the Academy Box office an hour before the concerts start.

More than 100 alumni from the School of Music will join together to present three concerts to mark the finale of the year-long 30th Anniversary celebrations.

Among the alumni are students from different generations including some who graduated in the 1980s and 1990s. For some, it has been a long time since they last saw each other and made music together on the same stage.

A vibrant and varied programme of music is being planned for the three concerts. The programme for the two Western music concerts includes a wide repertoire featuring strings orchestra, guitar ensemble, brass band, wind ensemble, vocal group, percussion group, and piano for six hands. Besides other pieces, each group will perform a short opening piece composed by composition graduates called One Minute on Stage.

The Chinese music concert will feature a number of local Chinese music groups formed by our alumni, some of which have been very active in the music scene including Four Gig Heads, Percussion Group, Zheng Music, Windpipe Chinese Music Ensemble and Chinese Music Virtuosi, as well as two of the principals from the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

The Alumni Homecoming Concerts will take place on 20-22 December. Admission is free, with tickets being available at the Academy Box office an hour before the concerts start.


There will be different programme in the western music concert on 20 and 21 Dec.






30周年校慶研討會舞蹈演出《直線 II》


30周年校慶研討會舞蹈演出《直線 II




《演藝30周年校友 研討. 論壇》延期舉行

原訂於本周五至日(十月三日至五日),晚上七時三十分假演藝學戲劇院舉行之三場《演藝30周年校友研討. 論壇》,因響應學界運動關係,將延期舉行,舉行之日期將稍後另行通知。




演藝學院校友會 謹啟


Academy Junior Music Programme Homecoming Concert

Date: 21 Sep, 2014 (Sun) at 3:00pm

Venue: HK Jockey Club Amphitheatre

Free admission: Tickets are available at the Academy Box Office at 2pm on the day. First come, first served.


HAP HomecomingConcert (2)

The concert marks the auspicious occasion of the APA’s 30th Anniversary. I am most delighted to be able to share the joy with all of you amongst the audience.

For the past three decades, the APA Junior Music Programme has been offering excellent education as well as cultivation to talented young music students, who over the years have become elite musicians who have made tremendous contribution to the music industry of Hong Kong.

As one of the alumni it is extremely gratifying to see, and perform again with fellow students from thirty years ago, some departed for various other professions, countries, or both, in this homecoming concert.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude on behalf of all performers to the Junior Music Programme which has been most gracious in organizing this concert. May I also reiterate my most heartfelt thanks for your attendance, and for your continuous support to the APA.


Yim Wan

Academy Alumni Association Executive Committee and Junior Homecoming Concert Co-ordinator


Chinese Opera Troupe at Hong Kong airport


It’s Mid Autumn Festival, and what can we do for our local and international community?  Organized by HKAPA EXCEL, the very talented Chinese Opera Troupe added much joy to the festive season at the Hong Kong International Airport, by presenting the witty excerpt, 花好月圓。Visitors to the airport, young and old, local and non-local, were mesmerized by the talented, and joyous performance.  Bravo, Chinese Opera Troupe!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aWBdAlTz7s&feature=youtu.be



Bibliotheca Do Corpo 2014 in Vienna

The 27th August was our last day in Vienna, and it is time to share the things that we have experienced there . For us, this project is not just about dancing, it’s also about exchanging ideas in terms of culture and living style. In this group, there are 29 dancers from over 8 nationalities, each individual person brought something special and different into the project. We learn from each other and dance like crazy together. 4 week intensive dance training plus 1 week preparation for the final performance and 2 week performances. It has been crazy and overwhelming, yet in a way we went beyond what we had expected about ourselves as dancers and artists .


What’s our daily schedule

Normally we start classes at 9:30 am every morning, but we need to bike 30 mins from our hostel to where we have classes, it is not a easy ride but it is the best warm up we can ever ask for.

The first two weeks, in the morning section, we have Francesca Harper who was the soloist of William Forsyth dance company to teach contemporary ballet and improvisation. She is always passionate in class and generous to share her dancing experiences in which we learnt to be ourselves and not to be afraid to fail and to make mistakes during the training.

And in the afternoon section, we have Ismael Ivo who is the director of the project to give workshops.


Second two weeks, we joined the ImplusTanz dance workshops, such as Akram Khan Repertory Workshop by Jose Aguto, who is the rehearsal director of Akram Khan Company. Release Technique by Martha from Rosas Dance Company, Partnering by Iñaki Azpillaga from Ultima Vez Dance Comaony, Contemporary Dance Technique Kenjin from Piña Bausch Dance Theater and rehearsal with Ismael Ivo after classes. We can choose 4 workshops that we are interested in and take classes with other ImpulsTanz festival participants. All teachers have many experience and danced in many well-known dance companies, all have lots of passion in dance. We kept receiving new information about the way they see dance.

image image


In the forth week, we mainly focused on our performance. We had warm up class from 9:30am and rehearsals until 8pm. We were keep pushing our work, practiced our parts everyday.

The last week in Vienna was our performance week, we had stage rehearsal until 12am on Monday, rehearsal and dress rehearsal at night on Tuesday, three performances at the end. After the Vienna performances, all 29 dancers traveled to Brazil São Paulo, rehearsal and performed two performances there for one week.


What we have benefited from the project

In this project, we worked with Isamel Ivo, an well-known and experienced choreographer, who sees our potential and wanted to dig out the best out of us. He always keeps pushing us like crazy and always reminds us to get out of our comfort zone. He also talked a lot about how we can grow as young artists and how dance is not just about moving but the motivations behind that . He always questions us why we move and what moves us. He is a crazy choreographer, full of energy and passion in every single rehearsal. He coaches us one by one and puts our personality into our dance in which way we explored the different side of us that we never know we have and every single person grew a lot in the end.

Moreover, we learn by seeing how other participants move, different nationalities different personalities. We exchanged ideas and enjoyed the crazy process together. All of us are full of passion for dance. We all became good friends after 7 weeks. Through this project, we found that we should believe in what we do and don’t give up, maybe Ismael Ivo’s words could be our conclusion for this project : keep calm and carry on, just go!




演藝學院三十周年研討• 論壇













或 網上預定門票







演藝學院三十周年研討• 論壇 主席

HKAPA EXCEL brings MJ fun to the Airport

10468069_718502418221865_4036895120986526140_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


10615395_718496401555800_2578322350742680070_nOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A group of HKAPA and EXCEL graduates and students is bringing MJ fun to the Hong Kong International Airport.  During the period 11-24 August 2014, six performances are staged every day at the Arrival Hall (Terminal One).  The launch performance on 11 August was supported by the Director of the Academy, Prof Adrian Walter and the Chair of Music, Dr Sharon Choa.  Do come and visit us at the Airport even though you are not going out of town.  The performance is worth your trip.  Check it out Summer MJ Fun @ Hong Kong International Airport